What is Club Savage? Club Savage is A Nightclub in Cyberia.
Transmitted from Tokyo Japan
Keep Survive On The Edge

What is Club Savage? Club Savage is an organization of artists developing their activities in and around Tokyo.Club Parties have been held irregularly in Tokyo since 1994. The opening of the party were scarcely informed beforehand, with the exception of a few invitation cards and flyers.Like a secret party,there were no clear announcement about time and place, and the month-to-mouth information was the only source to know about the party. However,eccentric dance performances and video art exhibitions were always produced, giving the night-clubbers in Tokyo the utmost satisfaction and ecstasy. Some variety of artists took place in the party, including performing artists,dancers,theater artists,musicians,DJs,visual artists.Club Savage changed its place every time, like a club floating underground of Tokyo. Now, we open Club Savage homepage on Internet, for the purpose of expanding the concept of a club.We want to go beyond the conservative notion of the "nightclub"We are to exhibit the activities of artists from Club savage, to see if the digital network could perform the function as an actual night club. Club Savage could be compared to a neural system reaching out its tentacles for more, and it is apparently different from computer games with a system of closed circulation. This is not treasure hunting but our expanding digital network wants to find out night clubbers who have "shaking" bodies and spirits.We wish be more active for expanding neural system for our global village and wish to find out a new sense of interest through the new communication system and it should evoke our new spiritual web net after the Newage waste land which was appeared by Tokyo subway's poison gas panic.

Tonight Featuring.....Theater Zinjanthropusboisei
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